Performance Art Architecture

I visited the recent show at one of my very favorite galleries, Edward Cella. The piece that most attracted me looked like an open steel frame, glass house worthy of Phillip Johnson, but apparently mounted on a pivot, so it could teeter totter.

I assumed it was a photo composite image, which spoke to me because of my interest in architecture.  It took an Icon of Modernism and classicism and destabilized it.

Schweder’s work is performance art in the familiar sense but also relies heavily and explicitly on architectural themes.

In “Architectural Advice” he takes his interviewees through a series of questions about the house or apartment they live in and what that space enables, reveals or makes difficult. (LA Times article).

I can connect this with “The Architecture of Happiness.”

A House mounted on a pivot.

Social Relationship Architecture

A hybrid of a live body centered form, with a normally static, large scale design process.

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