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Favorite SoCal Galleries + Museums

Galleries and Art Events in SoCal: (updated)

After going downhill the Museum of Contemporary Art has bounced back, in part thanks to the new director, Phillippe Vergne.  Interesting that he followed LACMA director as the head of the Dia Art Foundation. The new show at MOCA Geffen by Adrian Villar Rojas is definitely worth a visit.

Marciano Art Foundation: Love it so much I am taking my students on Friday, my 5th visit in 3 months!

Latin American Masters: Always has beautiful work. The recent, Francisco Toledo, the exhibit was amazing. The owner is passionate about the work he shows and often shares some informed comments.

Edward Cella Gallery: Consistently excellent exhibits. Mr. Cella is one of the friendliest and most passionate art dealers in L.A. Frequent exhibition talks and special events.

Pacific Standard Time: 70 exhibits at museums + galleries through Los Angeles.

Creative Growth SoCal MeetUp

We just started a MeetUp which will feature events from art, design, and architecture tours to creative classes for everyone–no need to feel you are a great artist.

We currently have three MeetUps scheduled in October 2017. There will be plenty more listed soon. Some of the events come from things that have been done in a class called, Visual Thinking: art + Innovation.

On October 14th, Creative Growth SoCal MeetUp will visit two of the most interesting galleries in L.A.; Edward Cella, and Blum+Poe.