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A variety of audio meditations and visualizations for when you need to take a break, see the big picture, or simply relax.

Bodhipaksa meditation by a river

I studied with Bodhipaksa during an online course in Buddhist meditation he conducted using Skype Group Video several years ago. I succeeded in meditating every day for a hundred days during one of his challenges. I also enjoyed the 30 days of LovingKindness meditation challenge.

In this relaxation exercise by a river, he was experiment with his then new GoogleGlasses.

I first discovered Bodhipaksa and through an audio book I found on I heartily recommend all of his audio books, and Wildmind offers many forms of instruction. There is no need to be a Buddhist to benefit from Bodhipaksa’s teachings. One of my favorite things about him is his sense of humor; not a moment of holier-than-thou in him.


A magical space…

Whenever I stand in front of this gateway to Gaudi’s Casa Milá I am happy. In part, because it means I’m in one of my favorite cities, Barcelona, but also because I am about to tour spaces that feel more like entering a living creature, than like walking through an apartment building.

UNDERSTANDING and manifesting the conditions most nurturing to our individual creativity is a key concept for enhancing our progress in making what we most need to make. The metaphor for this is a CREATIVE SANCTUARY, and idea borrowed from Creative Visualization guru Shakti Gawain.

One aspect is to spend time surrounding by affirmation…