A magical space…

Whenever I stand in front of this gateway to Gaudi’s Casa Milá I am happy. In part, because it means I’m in one of my favorite cities, Barcelona, but also because I am about to tour spaces that feel more like entering a living creature, than like walking through an apartment building.

UNDERSTANDING and manifesting the conditions most nurturing to our individual creativity is a key concept for enhancing our progress in making what we most need to make. The metaphor for this is a CREATIVE SANCTUARY, and idea borrowed from Creative Visualization guru Shakti Gawain.

One aspect is to spend time surrounding by affirmation…


A nurturing space for change…

Many of the posts here at CreativGrowth are ideas developed in the Visual Thinking classes I’ve been teaching at LMU for 18 years. I have been a fan of Shakti Gawain’s guided meditations since my early 20’s. She is the author of Creative Visualization, which is a book / audio book full of exercises that seem to switch on my creativity.

Another work is about Creative Sanctuaries. I use a variation of this in class, basically you relax, walk down a path to a special, safe, beautiful place which nurtures you. I often see the view shown in this photo, looking out over the coast of Kauai from several thousand feet high.

Enhanced Creative Confidence!

The mission of CreatiVgrowth.com is to build creative confidence. The projects, links, and activities on this blog are drawn from our courses in Visual Thinking, which have been taught at Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles, for the past 18 years.

“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.”
― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

We have helped hundreds of students in the course apply innovation thinking to all sorts of issues in life and business. Wherever you are at with your Creativity I.Q., we can push it higher. The shocking thing, is that you can have fun, while you grow in new directions.

We’re excited to get started, and look forward to your input in developing a place where everyone can feel more power in creative expression, and thinking outside the box.


A question comes to mind… Who is the most creative person in the world now? What does he or she need to use their power to make the planet a better place?

Who, of anyone in history was the most significant creative genius? What can we learn from them? What would it feel like to have that sort of generative energy?

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James Turrell and other artists create transcendent spaces by carefully manipulating the quality of light.
James Turrell and other artists create transcendent spaces by carefully manipulating the quality of light.

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