Tortoise & Marshmallow

James Turrell describes the mix of tenacity and mellowing that is changing the way he works…

James Turrell has been building his own forms of art based on experiences of light, not objects, or symbolic images for the past 40 years. In this article, he discusses the fact that over time, he has learned to more carefully choose his battles.

On one level a Turrell work forces contemplation.

You are not told what to think. Maybe a piece is more interesting if you read about it. Or maybe not.

His Ganz Field piece which has been on display at the LA County Art Museum since it appeared in his 2015 retrospective, is a unique, controlled environment. You reserve on an iPad at the ticket counter. You wait in a vestibule. Entering their are benches where you stow your shoes, and put on ‘clean room’ booties.

Ascending a pyramidal stair you enter a white room, with an aperture of light at the far end. Guards warn you not to get closer than 5′ from the ‘window’ to protect you from falling over the edge.


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